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  • Brewer's Backyard presents Torontoberfest

  • Brickworks!

  • Koerner Gardens at Brickworks

  • Yummy Casks!

  • Beautiful label artwork

  • I had ...And Boom Goes the Dynamite & the Oktobock!

  • Fun photo spread in Taps!

  • Loving the outfits!

  • This guy was loving it too!

  • Oktobock! 7.0%

  • Koru - Belgian Pale Ale 6.0%

  • Getting excited for Cask Days!

  • Bottles in boxes

Wonderful fall afternoon at the Evergreen Brick Works. Enjoyed talking to the people at Beau's and the Brewer's Backyard. I also got to meet some lovely beer fans! Great use of a Thanksgiving Monday.