Sep 27, 2012

We Live for the Funk - A Night of Funky Brews & Funky Tunes

We Live for the Funk - A Night of Funky Brews & Funky Tunes

This was another super cool event I was able to check out during Toronto Beer Week. I had never had sour beer before and I love funk music so I decided to check it out. Bar Volo did a fantastic job bringing together a huge mash up different brewers. There were collaborations all over the place and what they came up with was very interesting indeed. It was hard to pick a favourite but man talk about beers with flavour. I wouldn’t be able to drink these beers all the time but it was a great learning experience to sample a few of them with people who really knew there sour beers.

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Sep 25, 2012

Exploring the Brewing Process @ the Beer Academy

Exploring the Brewing Process @ the Beer Academy

As part of Toronto Beer Week, the Beer Academy put on a number of seminars to explore the brewing process. Each day they focused on a different key ingredient in making beer and it was a great opportunity to learn. It was my first time going to the Beer Academy since it opened in the summer and I have to say, I was impressed with what they are doing. 

Over four days I learnt about water, yeast, hops and malt. Each day focusing on the history and science behind a different ingredient. It was great to hear directly from brewers like Stephen on how these four ingredients play into the flavours and styles in the different beers they produce. 

I think Beer Academy will be very successful. They have a great space and fantastic beers but it’s the people working there which will keep me coming back. They are friendly and knowledgable folks who want to make great beer and educate people what they are drinking and what is out there to try. They are tapping into the growing market of beer drinkers who want to challenge their taste buds and go beyond the status quo.  

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Sep 20, 2012

Checking out the Premium Beer Experience

Checking out the Premium Beer Experience

I was able to check out a very cool event on Thursday evening thanks to Scott & Emma at Power Junture. It was the Premium Beer Experience held at the Berkley Church. It was a packed night full of people who wanted to try out beers from the various vendors. One of my favourite things about these sorts of events is being able to sample specialty beers and casks that are brewed just for the event. While making my rounds to the different breweries I was able to make great contacts for the film. I was also able to sample the following beers:

Calm Before the Storm (Amsterdam Brewing Co)

It's Fenugreek to Me (Black Oak Brewing Co)

Grapefruit Shandy (Church Key)

Hogtown Kölsch (Hogtown Brewers)  

Sparkling Autumn Harvest (Mill Street Brewery)

Cascadian Dark & their Kölsch (Beer Academy)

Moroccan Brown Ale (Spearhead Brewing Company)

Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout ( Wellington Brewery)

Pumpkin Ale (Great Lakes Brewery)

Wizard of Odd Orange Mongus (The Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery)

Bolshevik Bastard Imperial Stout (Nickel Brook)

How Do You Say Monkey In Latin?  (Sawdust City)

Raspberry Ale (McAuslan Brewing)

The only one I wasn’t able to sample at the event was Augusta Ale (Kensington Brewing Company) since they sold out but it was okay since I had some in my fridge back home. All and all a fantastic night. It got me very excited for the upcoming Toronto Beer Week Festivities.

Check out more photos from the event here.

Sep 18, 2012

Check back often to see how our documentary is coming along. Let us know which craft breweries you would like to see featured in the project.