Oct 8, 2012

TBW femAle & Cheese Pairing

TBW femAle & Cheese Pairing

Presented by: Mary Beth Keefe, brewer at the Granite Brewery, and

Kathleen Mackintosh, founder of Culinarium

This was the last event I attended during Toronto Beer Week. It was a great one to end the week on.  This event was specifically geared towards women and it was cool to see the number and range of women who came out to the event.

The event walked us through four pairings of particularly flavourful ale and cheese pairings:

Beer: Ringwood  ~ Cheese: Torta from Monforte Dairy (similar to a triple cream brie)

Beer: Peculiar ~ Cheese: Mouton Rouge from Best Baa Cheese Co (a raw sheep’s milk with a washed rind)

Beer: Hopping Mad ~ Cheese: Peppercorn Lancaster from Glengarry Cheese Co (similar to a gouda)

Beer: Keefe’s Irish Stout ~ Cheeses: Hot Whiskey Mustard Cheddar and a Caramel Onion Cheddar from Empire Cheese

They encouraged us to try to save a bit from each pairing so we could experiment between the various selections. I found the Stout also went quite well with the Peppercorn Lancaster. 

I have to say, it was a very impressive group of pairings. You could taste the quality of the Ontario cheese and how they fit so well with the ales from the Granite. After two beer and cheese pairing events during TBW I know it is something I will experiment with in the future.

We were also able to do a quick tour of the brewery including their expansion into the basement. For more pictures click here.