Apr 2, 2013

Behind the Scenes Photos from Filming!

Behind the Scenes Photos from Filming!

We had an amazing 5 days of filming back in February. Man how time flies. Take a look at some of our behind the scenes photos to get a feel of the week. We are now starting in on editing with the plan on shooting a few more days in the upcoming months. For the most up to date info please follow us on twitter and facebook. 

To see all the photos take a look here.

Jan 7, 2013

Brew Year's Day

Brew Year's Day

Brew Year’s Day

Brewer’s Backyard put on another great event at the Evergreen Brick Works this past Sunday.

Dark winter beers are some of my favourites so I knew I wouldn’t be missing Brew Year’s Day. The focus was on rare and potent beers, and potent they were. 

My top two picks were the Amsterdam Full City Tempest Imperial Stout (loved the added coffee flavour) and the Great Lakes Apocalypse Later Double Black IPA. 

Some of the more daring people even strapped on ice skates for a quick spin around the rink. I decided it was probably for the best to stay on solid ground after all my delicious samples.

Full Beer List Below:

Amsterdam Full City Tempest Imperial Stout

Cheshire Valley Oak Aged Scottish Pale Ale

Grand River Russian Gun Imperial Stout

Great Lakes Apocalypse Later Double Black IPA and Witch King Baltic Porter (collaboration with Biergotter) 

Indie Alehouse Christmas Spiced Porter and Jump the Shark American Strong Ale

Nickel Brook Old Kentucky Bastard Imperial Stout

Check out all the photos here.

Oct 29, 2012

Cask Days - Session Three

Cask Days - Session Three

Yesterday I was able to attend session three of Cask Days at the Evergreen Brickworks. What an amazing event! I got a sneak preview the day before at the Brewer’s Breakfast but Sunday was the real deal: Music, food, artwork and cask beer!

Sunday also marked the first day of filming for Indie Suds. I couldn’t have picked a better event to kick it off with.  A special shout out to the guys at Bar Volo for having us out to film and take photos.

It was wonderful being able to connect with new people and look forward to exploring new leads for the documentary. Stay tuned for more on this later.

Once filming was done I was finally able to sample some of the beers. Even though selection was winding down by then I still got to try a lot of fantastic beers. Check out the photos in the gallery to see which ones I tried. Next year I’ll just have to make sure I’m there for session one. I can’t wait!

Check out the Cask Days Photo Gallery here.

Oct 27, 2012

Brewer's Breakfast @ Cask Days

Brewer's Breakfast @ Cask Days

This morning at the Brewer's Breakfast, I got to get a sneak peek of the Cask Days set up. They had very yummy spread and some extra yummy beers to sample before the start of session one. 

It was a great opportunity to catch up with some new people and let them know about the project. It was also great to touch base with a few of the folks that have already helped me out! 

I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I'll be at session three to film the first footage of the documentary. I am also looking forward to trying a lot of amazing cask beer.  Wish me luck!

Oct 22, 2012

Indie Ale House ~ Have you been yet?

Indie Ale House ~ Have you been yet?

I was excited to go in and talk to owner Jason Fisher at the Indie Ale House last week.  I was able to sample two more beers (Pumpkin Abby & Cockpuncher IPA) which were fantastic! Looking forward to going back and tasting some of the amazing food I have been hearing about.

Check out more photos here!

Twitter: @indiealehouse

Oct 16, 2012

Great Lakes Brewery

Great Lakes Brewery

A big shout out and thank you to Troy Burtch at Great Lakes Brewery for taking the time to meet with me today.  There is some exciting stuff happening over at GLB and be sure to check out my twitter or facebook page for more updates as it happens. Check back in a few weeks for pictures from GLB next Project X event.  

Twitter: @troyGCPBBlog, @Greatlakesbeer

Oct 12, 2012

Great video from TAPS Magazine!

Had a great meeting with Steve Beauchesne from Beau's on Thursday for the doc!

Check out this fun video from TAPS Magazine that features Beau's as it's Tap's Centrefold. 

Looking forward to getting out to the brewery for some interviews and events.

Oct 8, 2012



Wonderful fall afternoon at the Evergreen Brick Works. Enjoyed talking to the people at Beau's All Natural Brewing Company and the Brewer's Backyard. I also got to meet some lovely beer fans! Great use of a Thanksgiving Monday.

I was able to check out two very yummy beers:

... And Boom Goes The Dynamite ~ Gose * 4.6% Alc/Vol

"An unfiltered beer brewed with sea salt, coriander and a hint of subtle acidty post fermentation. Aromas of citrus, and slight tartness to taste leads into a curiously salty mouth-feel."

as well as

Oktobock ~ 7.0% Alc/Vol

"What else do you do you call a Maibock when it's brewed for Oktoberfest? Pours a bright orange gold colour with notes of biscuit, candy sweetness, peppery alchol and spicy hop bitterness".

For more about their seasonal Octobersfest beers click here.

Check out more photos of the event here.

TBW femAle & Cheese Pairing

TBW femAle & Cheese Pairing

Presented by: Mary Beth Keefe, brewer at the Granite Brewery, and

Kathleen Mackintosh, founder of Culinarium

This was the last event I attended during Toronto Beer Week. It was a great one to end the week on.  This event was specifically geared towards women and it was cool to see the number and range of women who came out to the event.

The event walked us through four pairings of particularly flavourful ale and cheese pairings:

Beer: Ringwood  ~ Cheese: Torta from Monforte Dairy (similar to a triple cream brie)

Beer: Peculiar ~ Cheese: Mouton Rouge from Best Baa Cheese Co (a raw sheep’s milk with a washed rind)

Beer: Hopping Mad ~ Cheese: Peppercorn Lancaster from Glengarry Cheese Co (similar to a gouda)

Beer: Keefe’s Irish Stout ~ Cheeses: Hot Whiskey Mustard Cheddar and a Caramel Onion Cheddar from Empire Cheese

They encouraged us to try to save a bit from each pairing so we could experiment between the various selections. I found the Stout also went quite well with the Peppercorn Lancaster. 

I have to say, it was a very impressive group of pairings. You could taste the quality of the Ontario cheese and how they fit so well with the ales from the Granite. After two beer and cheese pairing events during TBW I know it is something I will experiment with in the future.

We were also able to do a quick tour of the brewery including their expansion into the basement. For more pictures click here.

Oct 1, 2012

Beer & Cheese Pairing at the Beer Academy

Beer & Cheese Pairing at the Beer Academy

A great way to end off a week of seminars exploring the brewing process. Exploring beer's versatility with an afternoon  of beer and cheese pairings at the Beer Academy. Here are a few of the pairings that worked really well together:

5 Year Aged Cheddar - IPA, Cassadian Dark, Black Lager

Smoked Gouda - Smoked Porter, Black Lager

St. Paulin - Creamore's Altbier, Vienna Lager

Brie - Peach Wheat Ale

Camembert - Belgian Brown 

Check out more pictures here.